About Us

Gautam Sound & Lights also known as Bharat Sound & Lights founded in 1980 is being well known for supplying professional sound and lightning equipment for a diversity of applications ranging from Orchestras, conferences, weddings,  political assemblies to major concerts all over the country.


Vision & Mission

We at GSL believe in delivering the best solutions through professionally engineers & technicians. We recognize GSL as a place to nurture young talent as its always amazing to see young people with raw talent and passion accompanied by our qualified professionals.  

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About Us

GSL is the leading brand name from Pune when it comes to Sound & Lights System. We provide service to  conferences, weddings,  political assemblies & major concerts too. 


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Add:- Near Panchsheel Chowk, 97/8, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009

Phone: 020 2442 6033